Wolf Physical Rehab

Wolf Physical Rehab is

a one-woman company designed to help individuals with chronic pain, particularly in the back, neck, shoulders and hips. In addition to chronic pain management, Wolf Physical Rehab specializes in enhancing athletic performance by introducing subtle, yet, profound alignment techniques to rebalance muscular and connective tissues.  Wolf Physical Rehab is also perfect for yoga students who want to turn their yoga practice into their own physical rehabilitation program.

Wolf Physical Rehab developed out of a need to aid individuals who were dissatisfied with mainstream Physical Therapy. Whether clients were discharged from Physical Therapy before they had reached their goals or simply wanted to avoid the Western medical paradigm, Wolf Physical Rehab has successfully met their needs.  Asha Wolf’s personal care and customized programs make her popular with a full range of individuals with various needs and goals. Asha’s clients have had great success managing flexibility while training for ultra marathons, re-patterning movement to avoid othropedic surgery, and improving movement to maintain an active lifestyle as they enter their most experienced years.

  • Not only do I feel better, my LIFE IS BETTER.
    Patten Smithinvestment banker